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// Software Engineer

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I'm result-oriented professional with 6+ years of experience and proven knowledge of programming and web platform development.

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Javascript, Typescript, React & Redux, Angular, Node.js & Express, Vue, Nest.js, Rx.js, MongoDB, Postgres, Webpack & Gulp, Docker, Git ...

Experience Story

> Eccenca GmbH website

From 2019 Feb.
Eccenca is one of the biggest Data analyzing systems which provide the service for the Europe companies such a Nokia, Siemens, Bosch and etc.
I have been selected there, for the Senior React Engineer position and every day I developed and delivered the new features for our customers with a team of experts.
My goal is to keep up to date the application, planning the new features with the team, manage UI processes, provide the features on deadline keeping high performance and quality.

Workfront website

2017 Dec - 2019 Feb
"Workfront is the platform for enterprise work management", the application has all tools to arrange your enterprise business.
Workfront attracted me with the unique culture and vision. In there I filled the React Engineer position.
I worked on the Data Table module which is a big and important part of the application.
Adding features sprint after sprint, I improved my skills in React.js and enhanced my architectural thinking.

Freelancing & other local companies

2014 Feb - 2017 Dec
From 2014 to end of 2015 I released the websites using Wordpress, Joomla in
Gaining enough surface information/experience on CMSes, I came to the conclusion that I need to learn something new.
Later I joined BeeWeb Systems where I started to learn PHP Frameworks (Yii, CodeIgniter, etc.) and developed the websites.
But it didn't take a long, when I decided to dig in the Javascript and continued my surface to another company, where I start to using MEAN Stack in Gambling platforms.
Overall, this period was my start point in the IT world, where I learned, developed, released websites and web applications.


State Engineering University of Armenia

Bachelor's degree
Security of computer and information systems and data protection
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